Maria Portrait for ABOUTMaria Henle in her studio on St. Croix, USVI  Maria Henle BoliviaMaria in the Altiplano, Bolivia 1994


Raised in St. Croix and the daughter of Fritz Henle, Maria Henle studied art in Florence, Italy and lived in New York for twelve years devoting herself to fine art printmaking.

Her intricate color etchings, described as “virtuoso performances in which command of technique is beautifully subordinated to overall effect”. (Eleanor Heartney, ArtNews, April 1984), were created in New York’s Printmaking Workshop between 1980 and 1992.

The etchings have been exhibited in both one person and group shows across the US and internationally. They are in numerous private and corporate collections, among them Metropolitan Life, Bank of America, Delta Airlines, US Airways, Time Inc. and the University of Texas. She received a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship for her graphic work in 1986.

Interested in exploring painting as a medium, Maria returned to her island home in 1992. The clear light and expansiveness of her Caribbean surroundings had a strong influence on her work.

Employing her trademark multiple image device developed in her color etchings, she layered various views of her subject in oil to create paintings that are at once realistic depictions of landscape, yet abstract in their formal fragmentation and heightened in their illusion of movement and depth by the juxtaposition of their varied elements.

Henle’s oil paintings were selected for publication in New American Paintings, June 1998. She was featured in the October 2001 issue of Caribbean Travel & Life. Her paintings are in many private collections in the Caribbean and the mainland.

Maria was an avid environmentalist and traveler. Her love of wild places and passion for creating large landscape paintings took to her to many remote regions in the Andes, Mexico, Nepal, Iceland and throughout the Caribbean.

Originally The Maria Henle Studio founded in 1993 by Maria, the Henle Gallery fully represents the work of Maria Henle as well as the estate of photographer Fritz Henle and  photographer Tina Henle and various local and international artists seasonally.


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